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Probate Services

Estate Administration Solicitor – Probate

When someone you love dies, it is a distressing time. If you are named the executor in the Will of someone who dies, you have additional responsibilities on top of dealing with your grief.  “Probate” is the name for this area of law, which involves gathering in all the deceased’s estates, settling debts, paying inheritance tax and distributing the assets. It is not always straightforward and can take time, but we will help you throughout the process so that you can be confident that you are carrying out your duties as an executor correctly.  

Our probate solicitors have years of experience in administering estates and applying for Probate. We will manage the process for you in a straight-forward, practical manner so you can concentrate on your family.

Disputed Wills (Contested Probate)

Challenging the last wishes of a family member is an emotional decision.  If you believe that the will may have been executed incorrectly, executed under undue influence or, in some circumstances has not made due provision for someone, you may feel that you wish to challenge its validity.  You may alternatively be unhappy about how an executor is administering probate on an estate – perhaps by exceeding their powers as an executor – we can also give advice and guidance with how to deal with this. Contesting probate can be a very stressful decision to take, particularly when it involves family members at a time when you are grieving.  We can help by advising you how to proceed and what you may or may not be able to do to resolve the matter. We would normally initially try to resolve the matter by means of mediation and negotiation rather than starting formal litigation so that we can keep stress and costs to a minimum but if it becomes necessary to move to formal court proceedings we will guide you every step of the way.  We also have an excellent team of barristers whom we work alongside. We have plenty of experience in contested probate cases winning cases for our clients both at County Court level and in the High Court of Justice.