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Will Writing Sittingbourne

Roughly half the people in the South East die without making a will. Maybe we don’t think enough about death, or we assume that our assets will go to the right people automatically. Unfortunately, if you die without a will everything is distributed according to the so-called intestacy rules — and these might not reflect your wishes.

Sittingbourne Wills Lawyers

At Ratcliffes Solicitors in Kent, we provide a cost-effective wills service. We are happy to visit clients at home if they are unable to come to our office. When preparing your will, we will advise you on a range of matters, including:

  • The role of your executors and guardians for your children, helping you make the right choice
  • The different types of gifts or legacies you can make, including charitable bequests
  • How you can leave money or other assets in trust for children or beneficiaries who may misuse the gift or squander it
  • Inheritance tax and tax-efficient ways of leaving property behind
  • Your funeral and burial plans
  • The importance of reviewing your will and updating it regularly
  • Related issues, such as the suitability of a power of attorney

We provide a free secure wills storage service to all clients.

Anyone can make a will, but if you want to ensure there are no mistakes and that your wishes are clear, hiring a qualified solicitor is a good idea. If you have many beneficiaries or your assets are widespread, it can become complicated and easy to make errors. A wills solicitor can help make it easier for you and your family. 

Get in touch with a member of our team today to talk about writing your will. 

Solicitors For Contesting A Will: Sittingbourne

As family relationships become more complex, inheritance disputes increasingly arise over the contents of wills. For example, children of an earlier marriage may not be provided for and may wish to contest the will. To discuss your rights under the inheritance laws, contact us for a low-cost advice session.

Wills may also be contested on the grounds of undue influence or because the deceased did not have the mental capacity to make the will when he or she did. In addition if the will was drafted incorrectly or negligently, you may be able to pursue a claim against the solicitor.

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