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What Happens When Someone Dies Without a Will?

According to statistics, less than half of UK adults have a will. And while this number is increasing, that still leaves millions who are at risk of dying without a will. Where no will is left, the process of dealing with the person’s estate is less straightforward. In cases such as this, it is wise […] Read More...
house of commons no fault divorce

What You Need to Know About ‘No Fault’ Divorce

A new bill cited as ‘revolutionising marriage breakup’ is set to change the legal landscape for divorcing couples from autumn 2021.    In June 2020, the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill received its final reading in the House of Commons.   Introduced by the UK government back in 2018, the bill faced several standstills. First, […] Read More...
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Will Writing Solicitors in Faversham – Making Your Wishes Known

Talking about death is hard. There is no denying it. We’d much rather talk about almost anything else. We may worry about upsetting people by discussing death. But talking about our wishes for when we are gone is important. Having a will is the best way to ensure your wishes are recorded and followed after […] Read More...
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Child Law Solicitors Faversham – How To Make A Child Custody Agreement

The welfare of a child should always be the foremost priority when couples decide to split up. If you are looking for child law solicitors in Faversham and north Kent Ratcliffes has 22 years experience helping many couples finalise their own custody agreements as a way of safeguarding their child’s future in an amicable fashion. […] Read More...
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Will Writing – The Importance Of A Qualified Notary

Writing a will is one of life’s very important and necessary arrangements. Yet, by nature of modern convenience, it is often neglected under the grounds of not being urgent and somewhat taking a backseat priority. Have you thought about where your assets will go when you die? Having to deal with the practical arrangements that […] Read More...
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Family Law Solicitors Sheerness – How To Win A Child Custody Case In Court

Unfortunately, the process of divorce between two adults is not always simple. If there are children involved then the issue of ongoing responsibility for child welfare such as living arrangements, education, religious orientation must be fairly accounted for between both parents. Ratcliffes have helped many clients on the Isle of Sheppey with child custody agreements […] Read More...
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Probate Solicitors In Sheerness – How Can Probate Be Contested?

Rates of contested probate reaching UK courtrooms have risen significantly in recent years and according to, one in four of us are likely to contest the will of a loved one if we did not receive what we felt due. There are many reasons for the spike in contested probate cases. One explanation attributes […] Read More...