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Estimate of Services Prices

We are required by the Solicitors Regulation Authority to publish prices for some of the services that we offer to consumers under rule 1 of the SRA transparency rules.

Price guidance for the following can be found via the links below:-


Conveyancing can be a complex process, which is why it is always best to hire an experienced solicitor to handle the detailed requirements that form part of conveyancing procedures. For conveyancing solicitors in Sittingbourne, contact Ratcliffes today.

Probate (Contested)

For support when handling the estate of someone who has died, a probate solicitor can be an immense help. Where there is disagreement over the person’s final wishes, also known as contested probate, a probate solicitor can guide you through what can be a challenging set of circumstances. Ratcliffes are local, experienced probate solicitors in Sittingbourne. 

Motoring Offences

When charged with a motoring offence, whether it is a first time offence or not, an experienced solicitor will help navigate the justice system effectively and efficiently.  

Employment Tribunals (Unfair/Wrongful Dismissal)

Going through an employment tribunal can be intimidating. With the right solicitor, however, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. For employment lawyers in Sittingbourne, get in touch with Ratcliffes. 

Debt Recovery (Up to £100,000)

Business to business debt recovery can be either straightforward or complex. Either way, having a solicitor that can handle the matter efficiently is key. For debt recovery solicitors in Sittingbourne, speak to a member of our expert team. 

At Ratcliffes Solicitors in Sittingbourne, we pride ourselves on being an expert yet approachable local law firm. We operate on the basis of clarity, honesty and transparency. We will never overcharge a client and will always advise when a certain course of action is unlikely to succeed. Encouraging clients to throw away money on unnecessary legal action is against our principles and we will present all the options to our clients so that they can decide on the best route for them.