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Child Law Solicitors Faversham – How To Make A Child Custody Agreement

The welfare of a child should always be the foremost priority when couples decide to split up. If you are looking for child law solicitors in Faversham and north Kent Ratcliffes has 22 years experience helping many couples finalise their own custody agreements as a way of safeguarding their child’s future in an amicable fashion. There are however many instances where failure to reach a mutually agreeable custody agreement can result in a case being taken to court where the outcome will be decided on by a judge. This can be a very distressing process especially for the child or children involved. The best way of avoiding the courts is to have a clear custodial agreement where all parties have an equal say.

Legal & Physical Custody

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There are two different kinds of custody so it is very important that each parent defines their claims with regards to what type of custody they wish to have. Legal custody gives a parent the right to make decisions relating to the lifestyle of the child such as where they will go to school, what they will study, what religion they will practice etc. Physical custody relates to which parent is responsible for housing the child and maintaining their physical well being. Joint physical custody is very common and the only time that sole physical custody is granted is when a dispute is taken to court and one co-parent is found to be unfit to share physical custody.

Joint Custody & Sole Custody

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Commonly, the majority of parents opt for joint legal and physical custody as this arrangement gives each parent the chance to be equally involved in all aspect of the child’s life. Having joint legal and physical custody will mean that both parents will have to mutually agree on decisions relating to the child’s future whilst also having the child stay with them at alternate periods of time. When drafting out a joint custody agreement, it is essential that you agree on all aspects of legal custody as this can be a contentious area amongst couples who have decided to part ways. If you are drawing up a child custody agreement with a former partner, professional legal counsel is always advised. Ratcliffes are one of the most seasoned and experienced child law solicitors in Faversham and the north Kent area. Our fixed rate appointments mean that you can stay in control of your legal costs.

Here To Support You – Experienced Child Law Solicitors near Faversham

Need advice on custodial matters? Naturally, the key to a solid custodial agreement is in the detail eg. which days the child will stay with each parent, what extracurricular activities they take part in or where they will go on holiday. Failing to identify and agree on even the smallest of things can be dangerous because anything that surfaces having not been subject to a formal agreement can lead to contention and possibly court intervention. This is why it is important to enlist the help of qualified law professionals who have had years of experience in producing agreements and understand the small details and can advise on the particulars of making a watertight custody agreement.

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