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Wills And Probate Lawyer In Sittingbourne

At Ratcliffes Solicitors in Sittingbourne, we provide a comprehensive wills and probate service to clients throughout Kent. We deal with all matters with the sensitivity and attention to detail needed to ensure your wishes are accurately reflected in the will that we draft.

When administering the estate of a deceased family member, our priority is to finalise matters as efficiently as possible and distribute the assets in accordance with either a will or the rules that apply when someone dies without a will (“intestacy”).

Will Preparation: Solicitors In Sittingbourne

When someone dies, it’s stressful and emotional. By ensuring that you make your wishes clear in a will, you will make it easier for those closest to you. We have been drafting the wills of local people for 15 years and seen firsthand the relief and peace of mind that comes when they “execute” or sign their will.

Overwhelmingly people’s reaction to finalising their will is “Why didn’t I do that sooner!”

The procedure is straightforward: we take detailed instructions from you in our office or at your home, prepare the document for your approval and arrange for you to sign it in front of the necessary witnesses. We offer fixed-fee wills: our price for a straightforward double will is currently £200 + VAT.

Estate Administration Solicitor

“Probate” is the name for this area of law, which involves gathering in all the deceased’s estates, settling debts, paying inheritance tax and distributing the assets. It is not always straightforward.

If you are the executor named in a will or an administrator of an estate where someone has died without a will, let us take the strain and make this difficult task easier for you.

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